Grant Program

The Michigan Running Foundation's goal is to promote youth running in Michigan.  The Foundation has a two-stage approach to accomplish this goal.  Half the money that is raised by timing and putting on races is spent immediately toward supporting youth running in Michigan.  Half of the money is invested to establish an endowment fund to support youth running in Michigan for many years.

Below is a list of ways the Foundation supports youth running in Michigan.

High School and Middle School Cross Country and Track Support. 

The main goal of this grant is to keep Michigan High School and Middle School track and cross country programs going when they are being proposed to be cut by a school district due to lack of funding.

Re-Establish a High School or Middle School cross country or track program.

Youth Running Club Support

Support for uniforms, entry fees into meets or travel expenses.  Support for individual kids that want to be part of a club but do not have the money to join.

Starting a Youth Running Club 

Help youth running clubs to get started with uniforms, entry fees and equipment.

Pay to Play Scholarships

To apply for a grant email Chuck Block at: